Robert Thompson's Hirondelle

Hirondelle started life in the 1930s on the East Coast of England at or near West Mersea, where a former owner sailed her as a member of the West Mersea Yacht Club. She was bought by Peter Cordon who brought her to the Lake District to be sailed by his brother-in-law. She was then known as Joey and in 2002 was offered to any TARS member who could take on a restoration project.

Robert Thompson took on the task and had the hull restored at Ullapool Boatbuilders, while a new thwart, sails and spars were fitted by Phil Swift of Willow Bay Boats.

She was relaunched at a TARS event on Windermere and now lives on Coniston Water, where her home port is Bank Ground Farm (Holly Howe).

Hirondelle is 10 feet long and 4 feet broad, making her quite a stable boat. She is built of Oregon pine on steamed oak timbers with elm garboards, the keel is oak.

This article is ©2009 by Robert Thompson, and posted on All Things Ransome with permission.

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