Arthur Ransome's Boats

Arthur Ransome's Boats is dedicated to Arthur Ransome's boats, both real and fictional, and to the boats of others continuing in the tradition of AR's boats.

This section was inspired by, and has as its centerpiece, Stuart Wier's The Boats of Swallows and Amazons, recently moved to All Things Ransome with Stuart's permission. However, there's more to say in the Ransome boating world than Stuart did in his article, even with its additions, and it is unreasonable for him to try and update his article with content which is marginally relevant, but may detract from the original. Therefore, we have initiated this section. A key part of the section is Stuart Wier's original article; however, we encourage contributions from those with a new perspective on Ransome's own real or literary boats, or from those who have boats of their own which recall Ransome's boats.

Please send your contributions to Arthur Ransome's Boats.

Author or Owner Title or Description
Barnett, Claire Captain Flint's Houseboat (PDF, 600K) An examination of how Arthur Ransome fused elements of Esperance and Gondola in creating Captain Flint's Houseboat, featured in the Lake District novels.
Fothergill, Roger Roger Fothergill's letter in 1991 to Roger Wardale about owning Swallow in the 1930's (excerpt).
Lakeland Arts Trust Plans of TSSY Esperance courtesy of the Lakeland Arts Trust.
Lee, Roger Death and Glory from the 1984 BBC productions Swallows and Amazons For Ever!
The Nancy Blackett Trust The Nancy Blackett Trust, founded in England in 1997, was formed to preserve, restore, maintain - and sail - Arthur Ransome's favorite yacht, Nancy Blackett.
Smith, Magnus, and boden, Rob The movie Swallow from the 1974 production of Swallows and Amazons, now restored and sailing once again.
Thompson, Robert Robert Thompson's Hirondelle
Wardale, Roger A Swallow's Tale, the story of Arthur Ransome's Swallow
Wier, Stuart The Boats of Swallows and Amazons
Wier, Stuart and Goltz, Andrew Building a boat 'just like' the Swallow
The following items are also part of Stuart Wier's The Boats of Swallows and Amazons but are called out individually as they reference separate boats owned by Ransome enthusiasts.
Field, Mike Mike Field's Aileen Louisa
Fothergill, Roger A 1999 letter from the last known owner of Arthur Ransome's Swallow to Stuart Wier
Gartside, Paul Paul Gartside's Skylark
Hill, Lionel Lionel Hill's two Swallows
Monkhouse, Laurence Laurence Monkhouse's Hebe
Wier, Stuart Stuart Wier's Swallowtail

The individual contributions are copyright to the authors, and are presented on All Things Ransome with their permission.

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