Arthur Ransome in Lakeland – Map and Chronology

This map of Arthur Ransome locations in the Lake District, with the associated chronology of Arthur Ransome's life, was originally pubished as a leaflet by The Lake District Art Gallery and Museum Trust, now the Lakeland Arts Trust. The original is approximately 12" x 18" and was acquired from the Windermere Steamboat Museum in the early 1990s. The leaflet was available for a time at the museum shop of the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry, but unfortunately they no longer stock it.

A somewhat larger image is available by clicking on the image.

This leaflet, Arthur Ransome in Lakeland, is Copyright © The Lakeland Arts Trust and published on All Things Ransome by permission of the Lakeland Arts Trust for research purposes only. Our thanks to the Lakeland Arts Trust for permission to publish the leaflet on All Things Ransome.

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