Harold Dobinson's Reply Card from Arthur Ransome

Courtesy of Sarah Elliott, daughter of Harold Dobinson.

Harold Dobinson, Mrs. Elliott's father, was a great fan of Arthur Ransome. He wrote to him personally in 1939 about the actuaI locations of some of the fictional sites in Swallows and Amazons. He received a reply (see images below) which we have kept for the last 75 years.

His home (26 Leysdown) was bombed in 1944 so it's fortunate that both he and this survived! Unfortunately his parents weren't so lucky.

You may click on either photograph for a larger image.

In December 2014 his family auctioned this reply card and envelope, along with the ten Swallows & Amazons novels Mr. Dobinson had owned, via the Dominic Winter Auction. All Things Ransome has no information about the purchaser of the reply card or its current location. The mages are presented courtesy of the Dobinson Family.

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