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Biographical and related articles on Arthur Ransome and others
A Brief Biography of Arthur Ransome Peter Hyland A brief biography of Arthur Ransome, revised February 2013 by the author.
Arthur Ransome in Lakeland Lakeland Arts Trust A map of Arthur Ransome locations in the Lake District, together with a Chronology of Arthur Ransome's Life keyed to the map.
Brigit Sanders Christina Hardyment Obituary for the 'Ship's Baby', and co-founder of TARS from the Independent, 17th November 1999.
From How the Heather Looks Joan Bodger An excerpt from Joan Bodger's book How the Heather Looks recounting an interview with Arthur Ransome in 1958.
Mavis Guzelian Nicholas Tucker Obituary for the original Titty from the Independent, 8th July 1998.
NKVD account of diamonds smuggled abroad B.I.Kantorovich Document 265 Account of diamonds smuggled abroad to support foreign commmunist parties, 1919, from Revelations From The Russian Archives, U.S. Library of Congress, 1997, D.P.Koenker and R.D.Bachman, ed.
"Sevens - I think that is what
this talk is about"
Taqui Altounyan Slightly revised version of talk given to South-West region of TARS in 1994
The spy's story Martin Hickes The spy's story... childhood classic makes splash again, from the Yorkshire Post, 4th May, 2009.
Taqui Altounyan Christina Hardyment Obituary from the Independent 18th July 2001
Tea with Mr. & Mrs. Arthur
Ellen Tillinghast Report by a member of TARSUS
Whose side was he on? Roland Chambers An article in the Guardian on Ransome's "double life" and possible relationship with MI6, and/or the opposition.

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