The Igloo

The Igloo is the tumble-down stone hut that the Swallows and Amazons converted to an igloo in Winter Holiday with the help of a sheet of iron and lots of packed snow. Although there are a number of old fallen-down stone dwellings in the Lake District, it seems likely that Ransome modeled the Igloo in the story on something he knew. The pictures below are of what was probably a bark peeler's hut (the woodlands in the South Lakes supported charcoal burning, bark peeling, bobbin making and swill basket making, and the remains of the extensive woodlands industry can be found by those who search among the trees). The remains of the hut are on a road Ransome knew well and visible from the road, located just north of Peel Island (Wild Cat Island) in Rigg Wood.

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The Igloo sometime before 1996. ©Heidi Elks.
The Igloo in 1995, from a different angle than above. ©Roger Wardale.
The Igloo in 2009, with an attempt at a "roof" made of branches. ©Roger Wardale.
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