Ransome Locations

Locations and places which feature in Ransome's life and books, or are about Ransome, including possible originals Ransome pieced together to form fictional places.

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The Dog's Home from The Picts and the Martyrs.
Voyages of the Goblin, Pin Mill, Harwich Harbour and the Secret Archipelago.
Great Northern Divers, now called the Great Northern Loon in North America.
The Hills, pictures of the hills and fells surrounding The Lake, and some locations in them.
Horning, pictures of Horning, near Norfolk.
The Igloo from Winter Holiday.
The Lake, pictures of Windermere and Coniston Water, which appear to be the primary sources Ransome merged into "The Lake".
The Ransome Room at the Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry in Kendal, Cumbria.
Rusland Church, and Ransome's gravestone in the graveyard.
Scrubbing the Sea Bear Teddy, the original of the Sea Bear in Great Northern?.
Secret Water and the Witch's Quay.
The Ships, pictures of Amazon and Esperance.
Wild Cat Island, pictures of Peel Island on Coniston Water, probably the primary source for Wild Cat Island.

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