The Ships

Some of the characters and almost all of the boats in Ransome's books are based on ones he knew and admired.

The Amazon. The suggestion that this boat should be restored, in Christina Hardyment's book, Arthur Ransome and Capt Flint's Trunk, started off a successful restoration appeal which in turn inspired the formation of The Arthur Ransome Society. So the Amazon, now beautifully restored and in working order at the Windermere Steamboat Museum, might be regarded as the "flagship" of TARS. - Heidi Elks

Another view of Amazon, giving short sailing trips to TARS members - Susan Fox / David Thewlis

TSSY (Twin Screw Steam Yacht) Esperance at the Windermere Steamboat Museum, is generally regarded as the inspiration for Captain Flint's houseboat (and is cited by the museum as same). Amazon may be seen in the forground. - Heidi Elks

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