Wild Cat Island

"In May the Island [Peel Island] is a mass of bluebells; later in the summer bell-heather and fern blend in the colours; in Autumn the varied foliage is singularly rich against the background of distant blue.
Many readers of the recent books by Mr Arthur Ransome, Swallows and Amazons and Swallowdale, will no doubt recognise the place, altered a little by the usual literary camouflage, but with all its charm intact. It is also described in Thorstein of the Mere as it may have been 1000 years ago."
W G Collingwood The Lake Counties, [perhaps the first record of Ransome's use of Peel Island as his Wild Cat Island prototype].

Peel Island with two sailing dinghies - Susan Fox / David Thewlis

Two more views of Peel Island; firstly from the shore and closer-in. - George Lang

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