Signalling to Mars Index
issue No. Issue date Article title Author Topic
1 14-Apr-1994 Kiaora Tars Peter Dowden Introduction and welcome message
1 14-Apr-1994 Hamish Gunn's Walking in Ransome Land Hamish Gunn Description of a walk near Coniston
1 14-Apr-1994 Doug's note about TARS Inv to join Doug Faunt Email about print status of Racundra's First Cruise
1 14-Apr-1994 From the News Cheryl Stewart Lyrics of two "ransomeish" songs
2 11-May-1994 Kiaora virtual tars Peter Dowden Welcome message
2 11-May-1994 Firstly, a message from Doug Doug Faunt Offer of two Ransome related books for sale
2 11-May-1994 Mac's Sea Bear was Tamb's Teddy and it's official! Peter Dowden Revelation that the Teddy was the prototype for the Sea Bear in GN?
2 11-May-1994 And another from Doug Doug Faunt Description of a S&A themed book of knitting patterns
2 11-May-1994 Launching into the Achievable Adventure Peter Williamson Suggestions for starter dinghies
2 11-May-1994 Pictures of Peel island and Amazon in Secret Harbour Peter Dowden & Dave Thewlis Descriptions of pictures which have been photoshopped
3 19-May-1994 A Note from your Clerk of Signals Peter Dowden Introduction and explanation of posting policy for S2M
3 19-May-1994 Ransome's Lakeland: Yewdale Hamish Gunn Description of the hunt for AR's campsite in Yewdale
3 19-May-1994 Baba Yaga and the House on Chicken Legs Yelena G. Aksyenova & Peter Dowden An explanation of the House on Chicken Legs
4 4-Jul-1994 Three Million Cheers Peter Dowden Announces that he has got a sailing dinghy and introduction to issue
4 4-Jul-1994 TARS 1994 AGM Dave Thewlis Report on his experience at the 1994 TARS AGM in Ambleside
4 4-Jul-1994 Return to Secret Water Peter Dowden Opinion about Secret Water
4 4-Jul-1994 Mud on paper Peter Dowden Comparison of SW map with actual maps and also Broads maps
5 12-Aug-1994 From your Clerk of Signals Peter Dowden Introduction to the issue and explanation of the origin of the term "Clerk of Signals"
5 12-Aug-1994 Some notes from Deb about Classic Boat magazine Deborah Shepherd References several Ransome related articles from Classic Boat magazine
5 12-Aug-1994 Launching of Great Aunt Maria Peter Dowden Description of the klaunch of his dinghy and discussion about how bad the GA really was
6 7-Sep-1994 Introduction Peter Dowden Introduction to issue
6 7-Sep-1994 Letter to the editor Roger Dick Letter about some topics in previous issues of S2M
6 7-Sep-1994 Email from new reader Philip Pacey Email introducing himself and some of his TARS activities
7 October-94 Introduction Peter Dowden Introduction to the issue
7 October-94 Reply to comment on the Great Aunt Doug Faunt The GA as a substitute grandmother for the Amazons
7 October-94 Email to S2M editor Bill Wright Discusses East Anglia books and Ransome books availability in the US and other sailing topics
7.1 9-Oct-1994 Email in response to Bill Wright Doug Faunt Responds to points and questions in Bill Wright's previous email
7.1 9-Oct-1994 Comment Peter Dowden Comment on email and a suggested origin for the Turner family
8 November-94 Ahoy there Tars! Peter Dowden Report on Southern sailing season and Arthur Ransome Web Page
8 November-94 Price on Ransome Susan Price New Zealander, Susan Price, in catalogue of her family's book collection tells how Ransome was the favourite author
8 November-94 Email from new reader David Chorley Mentions similarity between S&A and Narnia famiies and other fan fiction ideas
9 5-Dec-1994 Happy Winter Holiday Peter Dowden Notes Christmas in southern hemisphere is in summer, discusses Ransome and Christmas and introduction
9 5-Dec-1994 Hamish's thoughts on the Ransome families Hamish Gunn Class structure and families in Ransome's books
9 5-Dec-1994 Bill's S&A Synopsis Bill Wright Timeline for the S&A books with locations, boats and characters etc
9 5-Dec-1994 Some Notes from the Signaller on Whooping Cough Peter Dowden Description of effect of whooping cough (affects Bridget in Bill Wright's timeline)
9 5-Dec-1994 Peter Duck etc. Peter Dowden Explains "Peter Duck" stories and suggests GN? is not one, also gives details of CITN
9 5-Dec-1994 Letter Philip Pacey Says that he will pass on details of Susan Price catalogue to Tarpaulin for bibliography
10 January-95 Happy New Year and Happy Ransome's Birthday Peter Dowden Introduction to the issue
10 January-95 Hamish's Walks in Ransome Land An occasional series Hamish Gunn Walk to East Woods, High Moor, Swainson's Farm, Allan Tarn, Boathouse
10 January-95 Further Secrets of the Turner family David Chorley Invented French report about James Turner - secret agent
10 January-95 Some Letters 1 Brad Henry Is GN? A Peter Duck story? Also Taqui Altounyan books
10 January-95 Some Letters 2 Alan Hakim Length of English sunmmer holidays and GN? is not a Peter Duck story
10 January-95 Some Letters 3 Philip Pacey Comments on the class system and the Timeline and is GN? a Peter Duck story
10 January-95 Some Letters 4 Bill Wright Email about a sailing holiday on the Broads and where to charter
10 January-95 Some Letters 5 Alan Hakim Note about Brigit Saunders (Altounyan) getting a modem
10.1 January-95 Letters 1 George Lang Self introduction from a Midlands teenager
10.1 January-95 Letters 2 David Chorley A model schooner which could be adapted to the Wild Cat
10.1 January-95 Letters 3 Richard Evans Enquiry about S2M
10.1 January-95 Letters 4 Bob Barcus Self introduction from a retired miner in Spokane WA
10.1 January-95 Letters 5 Barbara Burt Self introduction from a TARSUS member
10.1 January-95 Letters 6 Richard Self introduction from a friend of John Bell
11 11-Feb-1995 The First General Meeting of Virtual Tars will come to order Peter Dowden Introduction to a newsletter mostly about procedural matters
11 11-Feb-1995 Some New Members of Virtual Tars 1 Ian Short introduction
11 11-Feb-1995 Some New Members of Virtual Tars 2 George Lang Further introduction
11 11-Feb-1995 Some New Members of Virtual Tars 3 Peter Dowden Self introduction
11 11-Feb-1995 Some New Members of Virtual Tars 4 Christopher Sharp Self introduction
11 11-Feb-1995 Some New Members of Virtual Tars 5 Barbara Burt Repeat publication of self introduction above
11 11-Feb-1995 Virtual Tars VGM Peter Dowden Series of announcements about Virtual Tars Officers, Charter and Name
11 11-Feb-1995 Letter from Bob Barcus about "Coots in the North" Bob Barcus Description of CITN and other stories
12 12-Mar-1995 From the Signaller Peter Dowden Congratulated Admirals and mentions web site
12 12-Mar-1995 John Arthur Ransome Marriott 1859-1945 & Elizabeth Walker Roger Dick & Peter Dowden(?) Speculation whether an author Sir John AR Marriott was related to AR and comment on statement that "Titty" was originally Elizabeth
12 12-Mar-1995 Old Peter Bill Wright Reprint of a review of Old Peter by Lorne Brown (of Toronto)
12 12-Mar-1995 A Book Review Review Brad Henry Review of a Times Literary Supplement review of Jeremy Swift's "Arthur Ransome On Fishing" (9 Dec 1994)
12 12-Mar-1995 Letter Richard Discusses sailing and TARS
13 Easter 1995 (April) From the Signaller Peter Dowden Comment on S2M workload, mention D's visit to Mrs Barrable and acquisition of an Ordnance Survey map of the Broads
13 Easter 1995 (April) Letter 1 Doug Faunt Comment on TLS review mention of an exciting fishing episode
13 Easter 1995 (April) Letter 2 Peter Dowden Mentions acquisition of a new boat
13 Easter 1995 (April) Letter 3 Alan Hakim Confirmation that the exciting fish scene is the World's Whopper in Big Six
13 Easter 1995 (April) Letter 4 Christopher Sharp Gives new email address
13 Easter 1995 (April) Letter 5 - Query: AR on Telly? Steve South Asks about BBC TV adaption
13 Easter 1995 (April) Letter 6 - Query: Monsieur Ransome in French? Anne Dicky Asks about Ransome books in French.
14 May/June 1995 Signatorial Peter Dowden "Virtual TARS" is now official following TARS AGM
14 May/June 1995 AGM Doug Faunt Report on AGM and acceptance of "Electronic Arm" of TARS
14 May/June 1995 Christopher's Big AGM Report Christopher Sharp Report on discussion of TARS and internet
14 May/June 1995 Our Name Peter Dowden Request for opinion on several names
14 May/June 1995 Bill Wright's Holiday Report Bill Wright Holiday visit to the Broads visiting Ransome sites
14 May/June 1995 Arthur Ransome and other authors Doug Faunt Patrick O'Brian, Richard Woodman and Bernard Cornwell all like Ransome
14 May/June 1995 Letter 1 Carolyn Thomas About South African Junior who wants to promote AR
14 May/June 1995 Letter 2 Tom Mention in a magazine and book of designing a boat like AR's dinghies for use in Japan
14 May/June 1995 Letter 3 Hisao Nojima A Japanese TARS tells of his trip to Lakeland and also AR's books being out of print in Japan
14 May/June 1995 Letter 4 - More of Monsieur Ransome in French Anne Dicky Only SA and SD available in French. Translates aloud when reading to her son
14 May/June 1995 Letter 5 Jody Sanders Introduction
14 May/June 1995 Letter 6 Anne Y. Zink Query about Ransome and Whitlock and Hull (Far Distant Oxus)
14 May/June 1995 Letter 7 Fiona Haughey Appeal to Juniors and how they can participate
14.5 May/June 1995 Signatorial Peter Dowden Suggestion from George Lang to concentrate on one book per issue
14.5 May/June 1995 More on the Name Peter Dowden Report on votes for possible names for the group
14.5 May/June 1995 Usenet Proposal Peter Dowden Reports a request for a Usenet group
14.5 May/June 1995 More on the AGM Peter Dowden Corrections to ealier AGM reports from other attendees
14.5 May/June 1995 TARS AGM 1995 - Chichester Dave Thewlis Dave Thewlis' experience of the AGM
14.5 May/June 1995 Email about 2 topics from S2M 14 Alan Hakim More on French translations and Far Distant Oxus
14.5 May/June 1995 Email 2 Richard Evans Suggests the Cachalot for TARS e-group
14.5 May/June 1995 Email 3 Doug Faunt Found a copy of Nansen's "Furtherest North"
14.5 May/June 1995 Email 3 Leetha Yee Introducing a ransome fan
14.5 May/June 1995 Some More Notes from Admiral George George Lang Didn't attend AGM, suggests collecting email addresses
14.5 May/June 1995 Letter Dave Sewart Comments on Far Distant Oxus and AGM
14.5 May/June 1995 Email Doug Faunt Supports address list
14.5 May/June 1995 An Earthling Speaks Up Jill Goulder forwarded by Alan Hakim Asks whether non-email version of S2M can be made available
14.5 May/June 1995 Electronic Group's Name Brad Henry Suggestions for Name, Description, Oparticipants and Publication
14.5 May/June 1995 Email Unknown Authors of Far Distant Oxus and comment on film
14.5 May/June 1995 Email Daryl Carlson How he found TARS and plans for Ransome activities
15 September-95 Signatorial Peter Dowden Announces resignation and asks about Email Lists and asks for pictures etc. for AR Web pages
15 September-95 A Wallacallawalla Dictionary Peter Dowden Dictionary of all words and phrases from S&A
15 September-95 With a lot of salt Unknown Recipes of all food cooked by explorersin S&A
15 September-95 What is the Ship's Baby's name, Vicky or Bridget? Unknown Discusses whether Vicky was original name later changed after S&A
15 September-95 Swallows and Amazons: Was the Great Aunt there? Unknown Discusses whether the Great Aunt was present off stage in S&A
16 December-95 ARCJ Get-Together from Tokyo Mikako "Minnow" Yamada Reports on Arthur Ransome Club of Japan Kanto regional monthly meeting