Namesake (Totem) Animals in the Swallows & Amazons Books

Molly McGinnis

Between late 2003 and late 2005, Molly McGinnis wrote this series of six articles for the TARS U.S. Newsletter, Signals from TARSUS. They were published under the title "Namesake Animals", but in the last article she says When I first started thinking about natural history in Ransome's life and books, I gave the working title, "Totem Animals" to my thoughts about title animals and animals that drive the stories.

These articles provide a great deal of information about the animals which are so important to Ransome's stories, either in real life or as Totems, and about their situations in the times and places of the stories. They especially serve to inform AR enthusiasts in Europe and North America about the variations (and similarities) between the birds and animals we are familiar with and their counterparts elsewhere.

Molly McGinnis and her husband, Dr. Samuel McGinnis, are biologists and endangered species consultants in Manteca, California, and their company, McGinnis Biological Consultants, is a Corporate Member of TARS.

The Namesake Animals Articles

Swallow: Barn Swallow, November, 2003
Great Northern?, February, 2004
The Wildcat, May, 2004
The Case for the Coot, August, 2004
Built by Buzzards, April, 2005
Amazing Anguillas, September, 2005

The Namesake Animals Articles are ©2003-2005 by Molly McGinnis

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