A Guide to Swallows & Amazons

compiled by Bill Wright

More information about the series:


L=Lake stories EA=East Anglia stories PD=Peter Duck stories

Summer 1930 L Swallows and Amazons
Winter 1930/31 PD Peter Duck
Easter 1931    
Summer 1931 L Swallowdale
Winter 1931/32 L Winter Holiday
Easter 1932 EA Coot Club
Summer 1932 L Pigeon Post
EA We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea
EA Secret Water
EA The Big Six
Winter 1932/33 P Missee Lee
Easter 1933    
Summer 1933 L Picts & Martyrs
EAL "Coots In The North"
Winter 1933/34    
Easter 1934    
Summer 1934 PD? Great Northern?
Winter 1934/35    

The Guide to Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons Series of Novels is Copyright ©1997-2011 by Bill Wright and published on All Things Ransome with his permission.

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